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Lumen Arts - a lighting specialist in the Kingdom of Bahrain, established in the year 2009.


We encourage the idea of innovation in lighting, designing and consulting according to any project's needs, from commercial to residential.

Our design department is an experienced and passionate group of Lighting Designers, Interior Designers, Architects and Project Managers, that depend on integral methodology which relies on the relationship it creates with clients, offering an experience built on trust, honesty and common interest.

We are here in the lighting industry for the past 10 years and we have worked with number of clients to light up their dream in an innovative way. Our work includes, cultural - heritage sites, hotels, offices, retail shops, mosques, educational centers, banks, sport facilities and restaurants.. you name it ! 

We also pride ourselves on providing premium systems and components of electrical installations for both domestic and industrial applications. Our extensive range of products include plugs, sockets, isolators, weatherproof switches, switch gears and a range of other products.​


As a leading lighting company, we’ve created unique and innovative lighting schemes for a range of famous commercial and residential projects in Bahrain and in various countries throughout the GCC such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman since 2009. We are amongst all, the top lighting consultancy in the Kingdom of Bahrain.​

​We use modern and advanced methodologies to satisfy your needs and serve you better.


We promise to continuously drive towards greater designs; finding innovative and sustainable solutions for any space. We promise to inspire and educate.


We will practice design with honesty, integrity and respect to our clients, ourselves and our environments.

We strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations and most importantly we aspire to learn from the situations where we don’t.


We commit to giving back to our community through our varied efforts as well as giving back to our environment through respectful use of its resources.


We will work hard, initiate, and continuously learn.


We will not be satisfied with "good enough".

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