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Does Lumen Arts install the lighting?

Yes, we do have a department that handles all sorts of electrical services (private).

  • Inspections 

  • installations 

  • Trouble shooting

  • Maintenance 

  • Repair

  • Consulting




Site visit price policy:

All site visits are charged separate from the service hired.

Site visits price only covers our transportation costs, not the service to be provided.

Every site visit  is charged according to the geographic location in Bahrain ( check regional map below).

For each additional hour;  forcing our personnel to wait for customers or entrance clearance, we charge extra 10 BHD.

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bahrain geographic reagions

Contact us for any inquiry 

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Warranty on the product

We provide  5 years warranty for our own lighting brand (LM collection) and standard 1 year warranty for


imported  brands (with exceptions in certain brands that warranty can be extended up to 5 years at an



additional charge).

Warranty on the service


We provide  3 years warranty in all our electrical installations.

Lumen Arts exclusive electrical 

Installation guide for the GCC region.


Why LED's?

LED are the new trend in lighting since they consume almost 90% less energy than the conventional incandescent and halogen light sources. Led do not only spend less energy, but they radiate less heat and live longer than the conventional light sources.

How come I can get an alternative luminaire for half the price?

While that may be true, you must be aware of the value of the fitting. Although the luminaire may look the same, its performance may be very different. Our experienced team can offer assistance when a project requires value engineering.

Why we need to install outdoor lighting differently?


Outdoor electrical installations are particularly tricky. Constant temperature changes, high UV radiation, high ozone values and, not least, mechanical wear lead to material fatigue, then water ingress, and, finally, system failure.  Alongside the choice of suitable materials, what is also crucial for the durability of an installation is the utmost care and attention when handling system components. It is important to understand exactly what is happening and what impact an unprofessional installation has. 



Aging of materials

Many users see the designation IP 68 as a guarantee of the safety of their installation – regardless of the manner in which the materials are laid. This may well be the case for new products that are tested under laboratory conditions using theoretical guidelines. 





But what happens over time?



All materials suffer some degree of aging. Connectors, too! The sensitive areas are the seals in the vicinity of the connector face and the cable gland. 

High temperatures and other weather conditions, as well as chemicals, really attack the seals. And not to be overlooked are mechanical stresses and biological influences (bacteria, fungi, and animals). The cable is also affected, particularly if there is any deviation from its specifications. And this is not that uncommon! All materials change in structure. They tend to shrink, and minute cracks appear. The pressure in the sealed area drops as well. On this basis, it is only a matter of time before water finds its way into the connector. 

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