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German switches in Bahrain



LA switches is a subsidiary company of Lumen Arts Lighting, It is a unique concept created by Lumen Arts owner Moe Fakhrawi.

Each switch is made individually as per the customer's needs and style using high-end materials such as Porcelain tiles, Metals, and laminates imported from Italy and Spain.
Each faceplate is cut with very sophisticated micromachining to fit the frame perfectly, leaving you with a perfectly finished product that complements your environment.
We offer a complete range of switches, sockets, and other components to finish your project.

bahrain electrical switches

Electrician Albrecht Jung founded a factory to produce electrical components in 1912, when he was 40. The main focus was on the production of his patented invention: the pull switch with 1/8 rotation. This principle of a short actuating path has formed the basis for all switch constructions of the company up to the present day.

Today JUNG offers a large selection of devices and systems.


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