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Danish Craftmanship 

Craftsmanship can be a lot of things. For Carl Hansen, it is everything and it has been so ever since 1908 when Mr Carl Hansen founded his company in Odense, Denmark.

He founded his company on a strong belief: outstanding craftsmanship and rational serial production could go hand-in-hand to provide customers with high-quality furniture at a reasonable price. Today, we continue to build on this simple but strong idea. We combine traditional woodworking techniques with the latest technology to produce furniture of lasting value.

Most of the furniture Carl Hansen produces today was designed by leading Danish architects back in the 1930's and up to the 1960's, but the design, the vision and the craftsmanship behind every piece of furniture is still as relevant today as it was then. If not even more so today. This is why our dedication to working with the best materials and the best designers has and will always be fundamental to Carl Hansen & Søn.

At Carl Hansen & Søn, we feel a great responsibility to keep bringing this sustainable idea forward of producing furniture with a long life, made of wood harvested from sustainably managed forests and treated in a way that is as gentle as possible for the environment.

Our skilled craftsmen and - women still work with the same pride and dedication and it this passion that helps us maintain the same high quality in every piece of furniture that leaves our factory in Aarup.

Behind every piece of furniture lies vision, careful thought and skilled craftsmanship. That's why we say, that every piece comes with a story. And we hope you'll enjoy making it a part of yours.


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