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polyhedron pendant luminaire
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Polyhedron pendant luminaire is a beautiful masterpiece made of simple bent strips of polished steel connected by rivets. The empty triangular and octaedron shaped openings of the diffuser alow the light to escape and reflect, addidng a beautiful graphic light effect that refracts on the surroundings.

Color available:

Product Details

Polished aluminum strips curved and hooked to each other by rivets.

Diffuser transports electrical current (low voltage)  The LED terminals then join these two polyhedrical spheres.


Polished aluminum


Cable lenght:




transparent PVC cable + polished steel ceiling cup


200 cm

90 cm

10,5 kg

120x 120x 120 cm - 12,5 kg

Light source - 252 LED each 0,05W  (power consuption 50W)

Built in Driver - located in the ceiling cup.

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